4 Things Most People Get Wrong When Moving

4 Things Most People Get Wrong When Moving
Monday, June 13, 2016 Kate Culverwell

Moving home can be daunting and tedious, especially for renters who are constantly on the move.

Here are some common errors & tips that can help to make this process as painless as possible..

1. Being disorganised

Make sure you allow for enough time for packing in advance. Things you don’t need everyday, such as towels, sports equipment and documents, can be packed ahead of time.

2. Not packing boxes efficiently

Take time when packing boxes, you will thank yourself later. People tend to cram their belongings into any place that will fit as time runs out.

Arrive at your new home with a sense of order! It’s worth taking the time and effort to arrange your things from the word go.

  • Place similar items together for easy reference when unpacking.
  • Label your boxes instead of relying on your memory.
  • Have categories for different boxes and put similar items together.
  • Pack things neatly. This will ensure maximum efficiency of space and can help ensure your things arrive in one piece.

3. Not packing an 'essentials' kit

Remember to keep all necessities at hand, not tucked away in a random box.

Keep your everyday items separate from the rest of the gear for easy access later on. This can include toiletries, blankets, pillows, medication, phones and chargers, clothes or anything else you might need immediately after moving in.

4. Keeping junk

Do you really need to take everything you may have collected over the years to your new property?

A fresh start is great for the mind & soul! The general rule is: When in doubt, throw it out. This can have a huge impact on what goes with.

Facebook buy/sell and swap groups, as well as classified sites like Gumtree, are home to thousands of people waiting to snap up a bargain. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure & you could make some money in the process!


The Quality Street Team