5 Things That Turn Potential Buyers Off

5 Things That Turn Potential Buyers Off
Wednesday, September 14, 2016 Kate Culverwell

We all have our own preferences and what puts off one person may not bother another at all. There are however a few common things which are sure to turn most potential buyers off. Make sure you take note of these when you are wishing to sell your property.

1. Bad Smells

Never underestimate the turn-off power of a bad odour around your home. Our smell is a very powerful sense and influences the way we feel on the most basic level. Not everyone wants to smell your pets, babies, dirty dishes, intense perfumes and cigarettes. This can send people out the door at an alarming rate.

Light well-scented candles, purchase or pick some fresh fragrant flowers and place them in rooms which may require a little extra scent masking, and in hallways. Also ensure to air your home by opening windows well in advance. Choosing to enhance your home with specific smells and scents can actually increase your selling power!

2. Emotional and clingy sellers

It can be difficult letting go of your family home with all of the fond memories, but if you decide to sell, keep your emotions to yourself. When the agent is showing potential buyers around, stay out of the way and give them room to move and explore. There's nothing worse than a lingering owner popping up in each room, with fond memories of years gone by.

3. Dirt

You really cant overdo the cleaning when preparing your home for sale. You don't want your home to look acceptable, you need it to sparkle! Thoroughly clean the entire property, including all those areas you think no one notices. The living areas, backyard, bathrooms, kitchen and toilets should get extra attention.

Get a professional cleaner in who will truly help make your property shine better than you could ever do. It will be worth every cent you spend.

4. Clutter

Simplifying your home can work wonders on it's appeal when on sale. It helps would-be buyers to imagine their own style and furnishings in your home, without the clutter of your hoarded belongings.  This would be a good time to get rid of unnecessary belongings anyways and try your best to let go of items you really could live without. 

5. Temperature

This may not be the biggest deal breaker but can have a significant effect on how your potential buyers feel. If they feel either too hot or cold, this discomfort can make them question your homes heating or cooling system, as well as bring up other annoyances which may have not surfaced otherwise.