6 features to highlight when selling your home

6 features to highlight when selling your home
Monday, March 19, 2018 Kate Culverwell

When looking for a suitable property buyers are more equipped with information than ever before, and the competition has also become more fierce. Sellers need to rise to this challenge, becoming as informed as possible, and suitably tailoring marketing and prices to really stand out from the crowd.

As a starting point, here are 6 important features of your property to highlight to potential buyers:

1. A desirable location

Whether your potential buyer requires convenient proximity to work, good schools, public transport or potential clients, be sure to highlight this as clearly as possible.

2. Security

This is a massive issue of concern for most buyers, so be sure to indicate whether property has an alarm, beams, electric fencing, CCTV, automatic garage doors etc. Boost the potential for selling your property by installing some of these items if they are not in place already.

3. Eco-friendly features

The desirability and necessity of such features is dramatically on the rise. Does your property have LED lighting, rainwater tanks, a prepaid electricity metre, solar geyser/heating for example? Make sure to highlight these.

4. Technology-friendly features

Modern security systems, fast internet and ample, well located power outlets are all major pluses for younger buyers as well as for families and those who wish to work from home. Be sure to highlight this.

5. A well designed kitchen

Food preparation and the sharing of meals is especially important for families, couples and anyone who loves to cook or spend quality time in the home. New or renovated kitchens are a major attraction for buyers so be sure to go into a little more detail here.

6. Home views & outdoor areas

In South Africa we are blessed with great weather year round so be sure to highlight the benefit of a great view and any outdoor spaces for entertaining. These include balconies, braai's/fireplaces, pools, gardens etc. Open up the home as much as possible during viewings, highlighting this lifestyle appeal.