How To Properly Maintain Your AC System

How To Properly Maintain Your AC System
Friday, December 08, 2017 Kate Culverwell

With the temperatures rising by the day, those of us blessed with AC systems in our offices and/or homes will be making use of them with pleasure. As with any other appliance we need to ensure regular upkeep of these systems, as major repairs & replacements can be costly. Here's how to avoid such issues and properly maintain your AC system:

1. Power Off First

It may seem obvious but for your safety ensure that your system is switched off from all possible power sources. To be absolutely certain about this, turn the fuse switch off in your exterior fuse box before starting.

2. Proper Cleaning

Firstly remove the fan cage from the exterior compressor (located outside) and clean out the easily manageable debris first. You can use a wet mop/cloth and a vacuum cleaner to take care of the dust sediment, but also put a surgical mask on your face in order to protect your lungs from breathing in excessive dirt. 

Make sure to clean the fins, and a gentle stream from your average garden hose should do the trick. Too much pressure can damage the fins so be careful. If the fins are not properly positioned, they can reduce the air-flow, reducing the efficiency of the AC system in the long run, increasing electricity usage. Ensure the area around the unit is also swept clean of any debris.

If you live in an apartment block and your exterior compressor is located out of reach on the side of the building, speak with your blocks maintenance team who should be able to assist you.

3. Interior Filter

You can remove the interior filter a couple of times per year, washing any layers of dust off with water. It can be left to dry in the sun for a little while after cleaned. If money permits you can replace the filter altogether on an bi-annual basis, which is especially recommended if you have allergies. Replacing filters is not a particularly hard job to do, however, professionals are recommended for more complicated maintenance or repairs.

4. When to Hire a Professional

If you have cleaned your system correctly and it seems to be showing signs of malfunction, the issue may be technical. It is then advisable to seek professional help to avoid further damage to your system or yourself.

Taking an hour out of your schedule every two months during the hotter seasons to clean and maintain your AC system, can significantly extend its lifespan.  You will also potentially experience noticeably lower bills at the end of the month with an optimally functioning AC.