Property Management

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Residential Building Management

In a residential environment, a building manager will typically supervise a team of porters or security officers, cleaners, electrical and mechanical contractors and depending of the size of the development, a team of administrative staff. Should the development comprise of more than one building it could also be referred to as Managing Agent of the said Building.

In Quality Street Properties capacity we act as the external property management company.

As the external property Management Company we will issue and chase up the service charges, supervise the annual budget and approve any additional works and requirements so that the development complies with current health and safety legislation and to ensure that the residents' needs are satisfied. We also manage the on site staff (i.e. cleaning and garden service team). We do this on behalf of the residents and the freeholder or the owner of a building. We are responsible for maintaining the communal areas should the units be individually owned i.e. not the apartments themselves. If the whole building is owned by one owner then we will also look after each apartment as well as the tenants and also be involved in the finding of new tenants, doing all the necessary checks and prepare paperwork for the lease agreements etc.

The building manager will liaise between all the parties involved in the day-to-day management of the development in the residential complex with the best interests of the residents in mind.

Commercial Building Management

This subdivision of building management is quite similar to the previous one, the main difference being that the building will normally be made up of commercial units and or offices. The tenants will, in this case, be companies and the building manager will probably have some involvement in the sales aspect and will be responsible for ensuring that the office space is let at all times.