5 Ways to Save Time & Money in Your Property Hunt

5 Ways to Save Time & Money in Your Property Hunt
Wednesday, February 15, 2017 Kate Culverwell

Spending weekend after weekend at show houses can become exhausting and overwhelming, especially if you are a first time buyer. Putting in the effort to do more research prior to attending a show house can save you time and ensure you that find what you want quicker, and at a better price.

Make sure that the properties you wish to view tick all or most of you boxes before stepping out the door. Here are 5 ways to save you time & money in your property hunt.

1. Know your budget

Be absolutely clear and honest about your actual budget. Viewing properties above your budget can cause anxiety and disappointment. When you are a first time buyer you may need to compromise more and settle for something a little less 'perfect', but that fits within your financial boundaries. When you are flexible and realistic the outcome can be a much more positive experience.

2. Call ahead

To ensure you don't waste any valuable time, call the agent/s to find out if the property is in fact still available, as well as confirm the times for the show house. Also ask the agent a little more about the realistic expected selling price to gauge whether the property is really in your price range or not.

3. Know the market

Doing your research saves time, money and disappointment. Keep track of the advertised price and the sold price of a number of properties that suit your price range & location. This will give you a realistic idea of what the agents generally want, and can save you the disappointment of your offer being rejected.

4. Grab a map

So you know that you would prefer to not live along a main road, yet be close to bike-friendly routes for the kids to ride to school. Maybe you are an avid runner or dog walker and want to ensure parks or natural areas nearby for your use. Whatever your preferences, taking a look at an area map will give you some perspective on each properties location. You will identify landmarks for you and your families enjoyment, for work or health services which may matter to you.

5. Comprise where possible

Before you look at any property be very clear on your negotiables & non-negotiables. Some aspects of the property merely need to be seen from a different perspective, and/or can easily be improved upon. Things like carpets, lights and paint can easily be changed at a later date. Make sure you don't give in with your non-negotiables though as this may result in real issues down the line.