How Many Boxes Do You Actually Need When Moving?

How Many Boxes Do You Actually Need When Moving?
Monday, January 14, 2019 Kate Culverwell

When moving home, estimating how many boxes you will actually need can be a concern. It is also an important factor in getting the job done efficiently & effectively. Here are a few useful tips to help you avoid buying way too many boxes, or falling terribly short.

You will more than likely need more boxes than you think..

Look at each room individually, envision how many boxes you will need specifically for that room, and add this number to the total you require.

Most people grossly underestimate the volume of their belongings..

Avoid having too few boxes as you will be put on the spot on moving day if half your belongings are unpacked. You will have to rush off to find more or pay the removal company to come back..not ideal.

It's also much more sensible to pack a larger number of boxes with fewer items in them. Overstuffed, heavy boxes can become a nightmare to move and may burst mid-move.

Removal experts suggest you will need as many as 15 boxes per room!

This is however based on using boxes specifically sized for specific types of items, not your standard linen boxes (16x16x16 inch) 

Perhaps 15 boxes seems impossibly high, but consider that you will require almost a full box for each shelf/drawer in your home.

Be sure to also account for items such as ornaments & coffee table books, the space these require are often overlooked.

People have double the quantity of clothing than they think they do...

This is especially true if you are moving in the summer, and you overlook the extra space your winter wardrobe takes up. Or it can go the other way in winter, and you overestimate the space requirements for your summer wear.