4 Advantages to Knocking Down and Rebuilding Your Home

4 Advantages to Knocking Down and Rebuilding Your Home
Sunday, January 07, 2018 Kate Culverwell

Do you love the neighbourhood and location of your home but feel like the actual house itself is falling short of your requirements and preferences? Rather than moving, there is always the option to knock down and rebuild the home of your dreams, right where you are. Here are 4 advantages to knocking down and rebuilding where you are.

1. Your home suits your lifestyle

When you start from scratch and rebuild your home, you have the flexibility to make it exactly what you want. If you love cooking or entertaining, an open plan kitchen and living area may speak to you. Perhaps you love the privacy and personal space of a study area away from the buzz of the living area. Whatever you value most, can be designed into your new home, on your terms.

2. You love your current location

The locational environment of your living space also makes such a difference in how you experience life there. Perhaps you love the local markets down the road, or convenient shopping, or location to the beach or friends. You may have outgrown or lost preference for your current home physically, but rebuilding in your current and prefered location gives you the best of both worlds.

3. Optimize the way you live 

When you rebuild you have the choice to fit and kit your home with new and smart technologies which help you save money and minimise environmental impact. You can place plugs and fittings in locations which help you go about life more smoothly, as well as creating space where you need it, and minimising space where you may not require it.

4. Boost sustainability

From downsizing your garden and installing systems which collect rainwater from your roof, there are so many ways you could help minimise water usage for starters. You could also position your home to take advantage of natural light, improving cooling and heating, and utilise sustainable materials in your design. Solar power is also a popular option. There are so many options today, to investigate.